"H & S is Working together with parents, families, schools and the community
in guiding Youth on a path to a sucessful future."

                                                -Rev. DeLois Johnson

                                                   founder/Visionary of H & S Learning Center

​​Mission: H & S Learning Center's Mission is to enrich the lives of children, youth, and families by providing educational programming and services in communities confronting high rates of poverty and other barriers for educational achievement and social success.


H & S Learning Center has provided out of school time programs (after-school) and summer day camp activities for children for nearly three decades. The H&S Learning Center was founded by Rev. DeLois Johnson former pastor as an mission of the Church associated with the faith-based outreach of the historic Hancock St. John Methodist church. Since Rev. Johnson's retirement, H & S Learning Center embarked upon several physical challenges with the Hancock St. John Methodist church building. The Church building ceased function and closed 1217 N. Hancock Street as our home, August 2013. Where H & S Learning Center need to relocate to continue the vision established by Rev. Johnson. H & S offers non-denominational out of school time programming for children in grades K-8 (ages 5-15). We are now located in Mt. Zion United Methodist Church continuing to serve the fast growing Northern Liberties neighborhood and serve disadvantaged families from the immediate community, including South Kensington and North Philadelphia. We are less than one mile from Temple University, and have collaborated on research projects related to education, music and communications with colleagues from Temple’s College of Education, Boyer School of Music and the School of Media and Communications, "The Hear Our Voices" Program to name a few. 

Cultural Awareness & Global Respect

The majority of families who use our services face many social and economic challenges but one of the extraordinary successes of our program has been to create a safe space that honors the diversity of the surrounding community, so that young children of several American ethnicities (Latinos, African Americans,Arabs, Albanians, and European Americans) learn to appreciate each other’s culture and work together as friends.


H&S focuses on 5 major themes

1)To provide a safe, child friendly and loving environment for elementary age children and adolescent ages 13 to 16

2)To improve student academic performance through language arts, literacy and STEM

3)To nurture creativity in children through exposure to the arts, music, dance, drama and poetry

4)To encourage diversity byexperiencing and celebrating various cultures that enrich their own 

5)To teach and model a healthy lifestyle by encouraging physical fitness and good eating habits.

Our Staff

H & S management has selected committed, dedicated and qualified team of professionals. We have established a value
driven culture that fully involves staff with an enthusiastic work ethic that influences our youth trends and academic success.
Staff is selected according to their passion for working with youth. Loyalty and commitment to professional development is
encouraged and essential. H & S Staff have multiple opportunities to refresh and enhance skills in order to be effective in the delivery of services to our youth. Staff is encouraged to take personal responsibility and is empowered by management. This fosters a sense of ownership and investment to the program. Additional ingredients to maintain employee engagement and retention, staff are encouraged to know thenature of their work and would mentally maintain a positive and stimulating attitude which allows H & S to be an conductive enviornment for learning.



Executive Director/Administrator: Lakeisha S. Stokes



Director of Programs/Assistant Exectivive Director: Annette M. Atkins



Fiscal Support Consultant: Nathaniel Bracey




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We're Back!

H & S Learning Center is happy to announce We will have After School/OST programming 2017-18 School Year at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church 1530 N. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122, Rev. Reginald Monte, Senior Pastor.

Our Programs are scheduled to operate during the following:

  • Aftercare Services will run September 5 through June 12, 2018.

  • Before Care Services started October 2017 until Last day of School.

  • Pre-Camp Weeks are the weeks of  June 11th & June 18th full day care available. 

  • H & S overnight camp week at PEACE Ministries is June 25 thru June 29th, 2018

  • H & S Summer Day Camp is scheduled to start July 2, 2018, thru August 17, 2018

  • Post-Camp Weeks are available August 20th & August 27th.

  • Teen 326 Achieving Leaders Academy runs during the summer program scheduled duration.


This picture was taken on Rev. Johnson's retirement Summer 2012. Pictured from L to R: Alexis Rodrguez H & S Alumni c/o 2016, Program Director; Annette Atkins, Founder; Rev. DeLois Johnson, and Bianca Diaz; H & S Alumni c/o 2017.